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Premium quality hay bales for sale such as Alfalfa, Orchard, Timothy mixed grasses etc all in good quality first-cut and second-cut all available .The all come in large squares, small squares and round bales and their prices varies greatly on the quality and sizes of the bales .Bales are stored both indoors and outdoors with the possible condition free from mold, dust, or other contaminants. Delivery is available for a fee which also depends on the distance and quantity of bales. Morestill our hay is organic, locally grown and well tested making sure it is free from pesticides which is isn't good for your animals

Alfalfa square bale

Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $150.00.
  Premium alfalfa square bales "Premium alfalfa square bales: Nutrient-rich feed for healthy livestock. Conveniently compressed for easy storage and transport. Ideal for horses, cattle, and goats. Guaranteed quality for thriving animals year-round."Blister beetle free, large square 3x4

Alfalfa round bale

Original price was: $120.00.Current price is: $100.00.
Here are some important points about alfalfa hay 1. *Nutritional Value*: Alfalfa hay is high in protein, vitamins (such as A, D, E, and K), and minerals (including calcium, phosphorus, and potassium), making it a nutritious feed option for livestock. 2. *Digestibility*: It is highly digestible for many animals, making it an excellent source of energy. 3. *Fiber Content*: Alfalfa hay contains significant amounts of fiber, which is important for proper digestive function in animals. 4. *Variability*: Quality can vary depending on factors such as cutting time, maturity, and storage conditions. Early cuttings generally have higher protein content but may be lower in fiber. 5. *Feeding Recommendations*: While alfalfa hay is a valuable feed, it should be fed in moderation and balanced with other forages and concentrates to meet the specific nutritional needs of different animals. 6. *Caution with Some Animals*: In some cases, alfalfa hay may not be suitable for animals prone to conditions such as urinary calculi (especially in male goats) due to its high calcium content. In such cases, it may need to be limited or substituted with other forages. 7. *Storage*: Proper storage is essential to maintain quality and prevent mold or spoilage. It should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area. 8. *Cost*: Alfalfa hay can vary in price depending on factors such as quality, region, and availability. It's generally more expensive than other types of hay due to its nutritional value. Overall, alfalfa hay is a valuable feed option for many livestock species, providing essential nutrients for growth, maintenance, and production.




VARIETY:Bahia Grass


SIZE:Large Round

QTY:38 Bales

PRICE:0.00 per Bale

DELIVERY OFFER:Delivery for a Fee

MIN ORDER:38 per Bale

5×5 Round Bale Bahia hay, ONE LOAD LEFT, 38 bales to a semi load. Non Fertilized, net wrapped. We can deliver to any state. Prefer to deliver semi loads at a time because it will save you cost per bale.

Barley Straw – Medium Bales

Barley Straw – Medium Bales
  • Clean Bright bales
  • 80 x 50cm x 4ft long
  • sold in multiples of 12

Bermuda grass hay

Bermuda  grass hay Clean, fertilized ,weed free stored  in barn - on concrete  Horse or Cow quality Bale average  60lbs or more length average  37"- 39"







SIZE:Large Round

I have Large round bales or organic hay. It is a mixture of brome, clover and prairie and each bale is 1600 lbs and is wrapped. This hay is from the 2023 season.







QTY:250 s



MIN ORDER:50 bales

Approximately 250 round 4‘ x 4‘ bales of first and second cutting balage.

Meadow Hay

Meadow Hay – Big Bales Approx. 300kg bales, delivered in multiples of 3. These bales measure approx. 8ft long. Meadow hay,

Mixed grass hay

Mixed Grass Hay bales *Specifications:* - *Quantity:* Approximately 1800 – 2000 lbs per wrapped bale - *Cutting:* 1st cutting - *Quality:* Good quality *Description:* Our Mixed Grass Hay bales are now available for purchase, offering approximately 1800 – 2000 lbs of nutritious feed per bale. Harvested during the first cutting, this hay is characterized by its freshness and high-quality composition. Each bale is meticulously wrapped to maintain freshness and preserve essential nutrients, ensuring optimal nourishment for your livestock. *Key Features:* - *Nutrient-Rich:* Contains a blend of grasses providing essential nutrients for livestock. - *Freshness Guaranteed:* Meticulously wrapped to preserve freshness. - *Ideal Weight:* Each bale weighs approximately 1800 – 2000 lbs, offering ample feed for your animals. - *Quality Assurance:* Harvested with care to ensure good quality hay.







SIZE:Large Square 4x4

QTY:320 Tons

PRICE:130.00 per Ton


Oat/ Forage wheat Mix. Planted Forage Oats into winter killed wheat. decent presence of beardless Forage Wheat came through, Ray Variety. Protein 13.56% TDN 55.10 Feed test can be provided upon request. We are a hay farm in the panhandle of Nebraska and would like the opportunity to provide you with a good quality product. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Orchard Hay

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $25.00.
Our pure Orchard Grass hay is available in both small square bales and large 3x3x8 bales to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. For those requiring smaller quantities or easier handling, we offer small square bales. These bales are conveniently bundled in packages of over 200 and more, providing a manageable and accessible option for feeding individual animals or smaller herds. For larger operations or those looking to purchase in bulk, our large 3x3x8 bales offer increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These bales are ideal for larger livestock operations, farms, or forage suppliers who require higher volumes of Orchard Grass hay. Whether you choose the convenience of small square bales or the efficiency of large 3x3x8 bales, you can trust in the purity and quality of our Orchard Grass hay to meet the nutritional needs of your animals.
Hay Details


VARIETY:Orchard Grass


SIZE:Small Square

QTY:2000 Bales

PRICE:7.50 per Bale


MIN ORDER:50 per Bale






SIZE:Large Round

QTY:200 Bales

DELIVERY OFFER:Delivery for a Fee

MIN ORDER:34 per Bale

4×5.5 Pure Coastal, BARN KEPT, round bales. Have approximately 200 bales left. 34 bales per semi load. Call or text with delivery zip code for shipping rate.

How to Choose the Right Hay for Your Horse

How do you choose the proper hay to feed your horse? Certain hays are better suited to your horse's activity level, health, and nutritional requirements. Horses evolved as grazing animals that survived by consuming vast amounts of fibrous vegetation. They obtain energy and nutrients from these plants via substantial fiber fermentation in the hindgut. Despite the quantity of concentrate feed available today, horses should still get the majority of their nutritional needs met by pasture. In North America, this often entails giving access to well-managed pastures in the summer and adequately stored, nutritious hay in the winter when pasture is scarce. Hay contains vital elements such as protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Feeding hay also enhances your horse's natural desire to express foraging behaviors. Not all grasses are created equal, and not all hays have the same nutritional value. When developing a feeding schedule to give your horse with the finest nutrition possible, hay selection is critical. To keep insulin levels under control, easy keepers or horses with metabolic issues should have grass hay with appropriate protein but less than 10% sugar and carbohydrate. Horses will naturally spend up to 16 hours per day foraging, regardless of whether hay is available. It is critical not to limit their fodder supply and to match hay quality to their requirements. Which hay is ideal for your horse depends on their nutritional needs, which are dictated by age, exercise level, physiological status, and health. Horses that are growing, breeding, or competing require considerably different maintenance than horses. Horses with certain health issues and nutritional allergies may also have special requirements. Appropriate hay selection can also help to treat digestive issues like stomach ulcers and maintain a healthy hindgut. When examining your horse's essential nutritional needs, look for the following.  Body Muscle loss, topline Signs of Poor Development
Signs of digestive health problems
Listlessness or a negative work attitude.
Dull coat, skin problems, or inadequate hair growth
brittle or deformed hooves
These symptoms may indicate that their present diet is deficient in essential nutrients. For example, a horse with a weak topline would benefit from higher protein hay that includes enough levels of vital amino acids.

Alfalfa hay

Alfalfa hay is high-protein forage commonly fed to livestock such as horses, cattle and rabbits . It's known for its rich nutritional content including vitamins , minerals and protein, making it a valuable component of many animals' diet.

alfalfa hay
Orchard grass

Orchard grass

Large and Small square bale.

Orchard is grass made from the mixture of timothy, orchard grass, and alfalfa. Orchard hay is typically greenish-yellow in color and has a sweet aroma. It provides essential nutrients and roughage for animal's diets.

Bermuda hay

Bermuda hay.

Round bale bermuda grass.

Warm-season grass that grows well in hot and dry climates. Bermuda hay is popular for livestock feed, particularly for horses and cattle, due to its high protein content and palatability . It's typically harvested and baled during the summer months when it is at it peak nutritional value.


A clear difference must be drawn between hay for sale and hay for commerce. Hay for sale is frequently unplanned surplus that is not used to feed cattle. In this situation, the producer sells surplus hay produced as a result of increased harvests or herd reductions. Too often, this hay is of lower quality because the cut is not made at the proper stage, the species are not desirable, or the field must be emptied regardless of the outcome. Commercial hay is produced specifically for the purpose of trading. As with any other commercial production, the producer plans his output in advance, including the intended amount and quality. well as the marketing