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Alfalfa square bale

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  Premium alfalfa square bales "Premium alfalfa square bales: Nutrient-rich feed for healthy livestock. Conveniently compressed for easy storage and transport. Ideal for horses, cattle, and goats. Guaranteed quality for thriving animals year-round."Blister beetle free, large square 3x4

Orchard Hay

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Our pure Orchard Grass hay is available in both small square bales and large 3x3x8 bales to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. For those requiring smaller quantities or easier handling, we offer small square bales. These bales are conveniently bundled in packages of over 200 and more, providing a manageable and accessible option for feeding individual animals or smaller herds. For larger operations or those looking to purchase in bulk, our large 3x3x8 bales offer increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These bales are ideal for larger livestock operations, farms, or forage suppliers who require higher volumes of Orchard Grass hay. Whether you choose the convenience of small square bales or the efficiency of large 3x3x8 bales, you can trust in the purity and quality of our Orchard Grass hay to meet the nutritional needs of your animals.
Hay Details


VARIETY:Orchard Grass


SIZE:Small Square

QTY:2000 Bales

PRICE:7.50 per Bale


MIN ORDER:50 per Bale