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SIZE:Large Round

QTY:500 Tons


Timothy grass hay

It sounds like you have a fantastic supply of top-quality Timothy grass hay! The fact that it's beautifully barn-stored ensures its freshness and nutritional value. The bright green color indicates it was harvested at the peak of maturity, preserving its essential nutrients. The 50lb bales make handling and transporting convenient, especially with the 21 bale bundles. This setup makes it easier for buyers to transport and store the hay efficiently. Overall, it's an excellent option for feeding herbivorous animals and ensuring their health and well-being.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay – Medium Bales Finest quality Timothy hay grown on our own farm. Green and exceptionally low in dust

Wheat Straw – Conventional Bales

Wheat Straw – Conventional Bales These bales are sold in multiples of 42 as we stack two packs of 21